CES 2013 some things..

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Here are some videos showing something from the Ces 2013..

(not related to CES) OUYA – This is a tiny console, with a low price (99 us dollars), it is open source and offer similar service to Xbox live. Coming March 2013.

Nvidia’s Shield, Tegra 4 and Grid:
Tegra 4 – Is a new cpu for mobile and gaming.. (72 cores?? what the..)
Shield – A console and an Android-based handheld capable of remotely playing PC games (not too far from the computer atm)
GRID – Cloud gaming.. something already seen with services like Onlive.

These new Samsung televisions are capable of showing an image with 4x the resolution of the standard 1080p high-definition TVs and boast a 85 or 110-inch screen. The S9 UHD does not yet have a price.

MOGA Pro is a console-style controller for your Android phone and tablets.

Steam Box – Basically a Steam console-computer to be used with big picture, a steam interface-service to play games on tv.

Bonus Video: 😆

The Ces 2013 is still running did u found something interesting?

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