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BLINK is a 2D puzzle Platformer where the main mechanic is teleporting. You play as a cute little alien solving puzzles. You don’t just avoid enemies or kill them but you actually use them to solve puzzles.

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4 Responses to “BLINK”

  1. By ut on January 29, 2013

    DLL error not working

    • Try to download the game from the official site.. and if you can, tell me if it works.. 😆

      If the error persist you need a .dll (a file) which only the authors know.

      EDIT: When you receive the error, the .dll has no name? Beacouse if you know the name of the missing file, you can download from internet, copy in the game directory and it should work.

  2. By utk on January 31, 2013


    may be some kind of dx 10 stuf?

    donloaded again from official site but same error

    • ok, it’s not a game problem.. ye it should be directx 10 file missing..

      usually that dll is in the directory C:\Windows\System32, try re-install direct x 10 or ask a friend or download from some site other the internet (warning through downloading from a site could be virus risky)

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