The Mayan Prophecy

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This is a game site.. not a news site but i think this deserve a post. Today a (small) Meteor hit Russia (1500 km east of Moscow), i dunno but i don’t recall ever seeing something like this captured on video.. Also tomorrow 16th February an (small) asteroid will fly very close to Earth.. Hopefully the meteor that crashed in Russia doesn’t have uninvited guests… like virus,bacteria, or aliens stuff..

Consider that this month also the Pope decided to resign (whic is an historical decision) and look what happened on Rome that same evening…

Maybe you remember the Mayan Propechy, end of the world and other stuff.. basically the Maya calendar ended 21st December 2012.. which means that we are entering a “new great time cycle” a “new Age”.. and if they were right?

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5 Responses to “The Mayan Prophecy”

  1. By qwerty on February 16, 2013

    I’m not sure what you want to say..
    we’ve started 2013 a new year for us,the chinese also did and the mayan had their way to messure time and cycles so depends from where you want to see it if we’ve entered or not in a new age

    then again, are you trying to to give an apocalyptic meesage or just saying?

  2. By satrincha on February 17, 2013

    What happen in Russia is really impressive … i love so much when nature got angry, it’s so beautiful.

    • u mean the thunder?

      • By satrincha on February 18, 2013

        Everything what that little meteor did 🙂 (smoke in the sky, the sound, the power explosion in the air, holes everywhere …) so impressive. Remember us we are just ashes from the universe scale.

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