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1848 is turn based computer strategy game for the PC. The game is set during the violent era of the Hungarian Independence War of 1848-49.

1848 was a year of revolutions. Most of the uprisings were crushed quickly, but Hungary was an exception. In the spring of 1849 the Hungarian army seized victory from the Austrians and liberated the entire nation but victory was short and sweet – in the summer the Tsar of Russia intervened with 200,000 troops. In history, this force could not be stopped. Can you change history? 1848 is a turn based operational strategy game for the PC. The game plays out on a large hexagonal map. You are responsible for all your forces and must decide what to do with each of them. Attack, retreat, recon, defend, fortify, siege an enemy fort or build a new army – the choice is up to you.

Hussar Games released this game for free back in 2006.

Link to Official Page

Link to Download (old archive)

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