Stop the Planet: Zombie Survival and The House of Correction

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Received and re-post this 2 indie games.

Stop the Planet: Zombie Survival

Link to Game Page

This is a Zombie Survival game in development.It features more than just zombies: Open world exploration & survival,Learn skills and build anywhere. Resource gathering and more…
Planned to be included after release (it may depends on various factors):

1) Local co-op- Enjoy survival with a friend. Share resources and weapons.
2) Interact with NPC’s and often choose their fate.
3) Robust storyline with multiple endings. (you create the ending)
4) Mac and Linux possible, but depends on interest-support for this platforms.

The House of Correction

The game is a tile-based dungeon crawler with modern game mechanics and hand-drawn 2D graphics.

PLAY the Protoype

Link to Game Page

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