Dungeon Dwellers

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Dungeon Dwellers is a new game in progress by Rasmus. As the name suggest this is a Dungeon Keeper look-a-like game, with game-mechanics inspired by “The Settlers” series.

You can get more information and if you like the game you can support the Author with his fund-raising campaign at the official site.

Link to Official Site

Rasmus also made a couple of freeware games in the past…

Dungeon Master Tribute 2 v0.06: Second Dungeon Master Tribute Game, Author’s vision of the old classic Atari game Dungeon Master in 3D.

Dungeon Master 3D (CSBWin 3D) v0.1f: A 3D upgrade of the old classic Dungeon Master game by porting OpenGL into the CSBWin sourcecode.

Dungeon Master Tribute
38.5 MiB - 301 downloads

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