Piracy in a Pirated Game

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This is pretty hilarious (or maybe not), play a game development simulator and go bankrupty in the game coz piracy, and (maybe) you are playing a pirated copy of the game!

Here is the thoughts of the developers of this game…

Link to Developer’s Blog

Now my thoughts about the words of the developer…

-Opening a torrent of your own game? O_O What if other developers used to do this.. Maybe unfair competition from rival studios? 😆
-The statistic of Selling doesn’t mean nothing, since no1 can really say if a warez download is a lost sale, you can only do hypothesis, and i would say it is only 10% more sales without piracy.
-Also the developer states he uses no DRM, but it says the game (legal and illegal) collects anonymous informations, and the legal version can be installed only on 3 computers.. well to me this doesn’t sound like DRM free.

You can try a demo of this game by clicking HERE

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  1. By qwerty on May 19, 2013

    Thank you for sharing this! It was very interesting to read. I’m just wondering, if there’re more developers now than ever before, is it because it’s easier to make a game? Is it becauase people spend more money in videogames than a few years back and it’s more likely to make a profit? Just wondering, great post

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