N v2.0


Remember N? A great action flash game, playing an acrobatic Ninja in hundreds of puzzle levels… Well it seems there is a new version of that game..

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Play online at Kongregate or..

Download for Pc, Linux and Macintosh…

N v2.0 (Desktop version)
18.3 MiB - 560 downloads

Both online and desktop versions feature new levels and new game modes (Arcade and local 2P); the downloadable version also includes a level editor and access to the level database and highscores.

What’s new in 2.0:

-Account System
-Ned (N-editor) Level editor
-Level Sharing

N v2.0 contains a mix of brand-new levels for you to enjoy, plus a best-of from N v1.4, N+ XBLA and N+ DS/PSP, PLUS a whack of some great user-made levels. And on top of that you can make your own!
-2-player Local Multiplayer
New in v 2.0, now you can enjoy co-op multiplay locally with your friends. Configure the keys on the Settings menu and press ‘n’ when you’re ready to play single levels or episodes.

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  1. By EddyMataGallos on May 22, 2013

    Heck yeah N is kicking asses once again.

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