Gezi Park Jam

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Turkish game makers launched a Jam in support of Gezi Park.

A peaceful sit-in of about hundred people to prevent Gezi Park, one of the last green spaces in the middle of Istanbul, from being destroyed and turned into a mall (and a Mosque?) was subject to use of disproportionate force by the police. This triggered a hundreds of thousands-strong country-wide (Turkey) protest against the authoritarian policies of the government, and there have been many clashes and police attacks since. Talks have finally begun after two weeks but a resolution is still far beyond the horizon, with clashes still going on throughout the country in Ankara and other places. Gezi Park has become a symbol of people’s fight against oppression and desire for a more democratic country, where they can have a say about their own lives, their city, their future. Now the Taksim Square and Gezi Park is occupied peacefully by the protesters with no police around and no violence, and with no other redeeming quality of our own, we chose to show our support by doing what we do best – making games.

Link to GDT Jam Games

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