Altitude0: Lower & Faster

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Altitude0: Lower & Faster is an online air racing game for Windows PC, is now open for play. The game is about flying at a frighteningly low altitude while keeping your speed up. The lower you fly, the faster you go and the better A0 pilot you become. Rock and roll in huge scenic environments with your speed hungry plane. Acrobatic flying is necessary to successfully finish each race faster than others: loops, rolls, spins, hammerheads, whatever the name, you will learn to use them all.

Link to Official Site

Altitude0 is a skill based game and it’s truly about speed, skills and competition. It’s up to you and not some virtual character with predefined skills, whether you improve your flying skills and become a flying ace. Fly lower, faster and wilder to become a flying ace!

Currently game has 2 different environments :

-Alpine mountains is about flying over mountain peaks and lush forests while desert canyon is about racing in tight spaces where every mistake will cost you dearly.
-Races require pilots to show different skills at different occasions. Some races are about speed, some about precision flying but most of the time is about choosing the right strategy on when to speed-up to gain time and when to slow down to pull through the tight corners or be able to collect required items.

Altitude0 has two playing modes :

-License mode is about improving your skills while racing against pre-recorded ghost replays of other players before you. As you get better your standings and your license will improve.
-Online multiplayer mode will pair players against each other to decide who is the better pilot. Skills developed during playing in License mode will come to use here.
-Also a special “Freeway” multiplayer mode makes it possible to join the race at any time you are ready.

Note:Check first at the official site if there is an updated version of the game..

Altitude0 LF v10.5
362.7 MiB - 445 downloads

Minimum requirements to play Altitude0 :

– Windows PC: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7or 8
– CPU: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
– GPU: 512 MB card capable of shader 3.0 (DX 9.0c compliant)

The game is free to play and everybody is welcome to join. If you would like to get more game content and see the game grow bigger and better, please support Altitude0 by buying Altitude0 Support Pack.

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