PostMortem One Must Die

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You are an agent of Death. Who must take one life from a cast of influential and ambitious characters in a industrial-revolution, conflict-torn country. Will your choice change the fate of a Nation? What unintended consequences could your meddling have?

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Link to Game GL page

IMPORTANT! The game is free to download and play, but you can buy the Extended Cut edition: an extra character, tons of behind-the-scenes bonus content, wallpapers and old pixely sprite. You will support the developers, this game and development of future games.

PostMortem One Must Die
23.9 MiB - 291 downloads

NOTE: As stated in the game read-me file, the game collects and send anonymous game data (your playthrough) to their website for online stats feature.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP or newer
Processor: 1GHz CPU
Memory: 512MB
Graphics: 3D graphics card supporting OpenGL
Hard Drive: 40mb available Space
Peripherals: Mouse and Keyboard

If you’re having problems running the game, make sure you install the Visual Studio Redistributables:
VS 2008 Redist
VS SP1 2008 Redist

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