Life Is Feudal Announced

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Life Is Feudal is a sandbox MMORPG set in a realistic medieval fictional world scheduled for release on PC in 2015.

Currently business model plan is to use combination of b2p (buy to play) and f2p (free to play) models. You will be able to download the client for free and stay on the newbie island for as long as you wish. But the newbie island will be wiped of changes everyday and your skillcap on the newbie island is 150. Leaving the newbie island will require some amount of special ingame currency which can be bought with real life funds. That special ingame currency can be spent later on some vanity items in the ingame shop.

Closed alpha tests during 4th quarter of 2013. Open alpha/beta tests are planned on 2nd quarter of 2014.

Link to Official Site

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