Sugar Rush (Full Sail University)

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Sugar Rush is a moderately paced third person action adventure game that takes place in Sweetopia. As the hero, the player journeys through the Sweet Forest, Candy Town, and the Gumdrop Meadows to liberate these areas from the diabolical dentist and their army of vegetables that have taken over. As you vanquish enemies, you reclaim the sugar stolen from the land. As enemies attack you, you lose health, which can be restored by eating part of your weapon. As you eat the weapon, it loses strength which is restored by collecting dropped sugar from defeated enemies. Successful attack on your enemies builds your Sugar Rush meter and when full you can (which when activated) increase speed and power for a short time.

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Sugar Rush
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3 Responses to “Sugar Rush (Full Sail University)”

  1. By Máté on November 8, 2013

    I love these university games.

  2. By Cymus on November 12, 2013

    I tried out Sugar Rush as it definitely caught my eye. I’ll be as positively constructive as possible. I felt that the art style was very bright and attractive with good overall character models. I also thought that the world was a unique twist and a welcome change to the 3d action beat em up genre. As much as I wished otherwise, I felt the controls were somewhat clunky with no more than a 3-hit combo it also lacked depth. The animations were also sub par and combat felt stale because of it. I feel this game would be a LOT more enjoyable with better animation and a far more in depth and fluid combat system. I also found myself using the spacebar jump attack button to be more of an escape move rather than an attack move. Whether or not this game is something you will continue to make I appreciate the teams efforts in doing so. Thanks again.

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