DoomRL (Doom roguelike)

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DoomRL (Doom, the Roguelike) is a fast and furious coffee-break Roguelike game, that is heavily inspired by the popular FPS game Doom by ID Software.

Link to Official Site

The game is free. But you can make a donation at the official site.

DoomRL windows
98.5 MiB - 334 downloads

DoomRL linux 32 bit
98.5 MiB - 193 downloads

DoomRL linux 64 bit
98.5 MiB - 193 downloads

DoomRL Mac
98.5 MiB - 205 downloads

Note about the Linux versions — you’ll need SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image and libpng installed, and smpeg. On some linux distro’s mp3 support is not enabled in SDL_mixer — a workaround has been posted on the forum

Note about the Mac OS X version — If you have your Mac configured to accept only signed apps, you’ll need to manually allow DoomRL to run after installation (Ctrl-Right click the App and choose Open) — if you have any problem installing, feel free to ask at the forums!


-25 Levels of Mostly Random Doom Dungeons
-Numerous Special Levels
-Innovative Text Base Gore System
-Arsenal of Classic Doom Weaponry
-Wide Range of Assembly, Unique and Exotic Items
-Trait Based Level System
-Three Classes, each with their own perks and Master Traits
-Almost All the Doom Monsters
-Excellent System for Charting Player Progress
-Medals Awarded For Excellence
-Badges Awarded For Advancement
-Original Doom Sound Effects
-Original Doom Music
-Modding System

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