Lights & Shadows

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Three nights and still lost in the woods… There is something in the dark that keeps you awake. Are the shadows really moving, or are you just hallucinating? In all the darkness, you see a light. Could this really be? Engulfed by anxiety, paranoia and finally, a gist of hope, you become sure that the only thing you can do is go towards that light to try to relieve you of your sleepless nights…

Lights & Shadows is a pixel-style, first-person horror adventure. You must find the lights and uncover their mysterious purpose while trying to stay away from an evil presence…

Lights and Shadows (32 bit)
118.8 MiB - 347 downloads

Lights and Shadows (64 bit)
119.7 MiB - 337 downloads

Link to Official Site

Bonus Video:

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