Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor

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Donald Dowell is a funny 80-year-old man who’s recently retired. His life is apparently peaceful, except for his unbearable wife. Nevertheless, Donald starts feeling empty and suffering from the so-called retiree syndrome. He’s bored to death and decides that the only solution to his problem is to start working again. After wandering several hours about the town and being refused and mocked by several potential employers, he is struck by a peculiar epiphany: he is to become a GHOSTBUSTER! Donald tries to be hired as Bob Delano’s assistant – the most famous paranormal detective in Ireland; unfortunately, since Delano is temporarily stuck at Barker Manor, Donald will have to go there to find his boss and to investigate on the strange phenomena going on there.

Link to Official Site

Link to Game AGS page

This adventure game is available in english and italian language.

Donald Dowell (English)
104.8 MiB - 299 downloads

Donald Dowell (Italiano)
101.5 MiB - 273 downloads

This video is part 1 of the game walkthrough (italian)

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