Grey Phobia Alpha

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“Grey Phobia” is a Hack and slash, RPG-mmo, player skill based third person shooter game. Post apocalyptic, sci-fi, comix based scenario.

Download new versions of the game at the official site.

Link to Official Site

Grey Phobia Windows
223.3 MiB - 289 downloads

Grey Phobia Mac
224.4 MiB - 245 downloads

2-available modes:

1.Singleplayer(tutorial, story mode-logic missions. Player learns how to use different weapon on different situation.) Singleplayer shop system available.

2.Multiplayer online(cooperative mode. Players must survive and protect each other throuth huge Wave of foes. They must buy the items to survive and craf those items, making them more powerful.) Multiplayer shop, craft, inventory, chat, exchange systems available.

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