Quantum Rush update

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Quantum Rush is updated with computer controlled NPCs to fill up the lobbies! No more wait to start the race! More user-friendly and increased the visual appeal. Drastically improved sensation of speed. Also lag optimisation: The racer now reacts immediately to all player input instead of waiting for confirmation from the server. A complex prediction and synchronisation system makes sure that the position of the racer on the client is as close as possible to the position of the racer on the server. This system is still in development and it has some flaws, but is already an improvement over the old system. The research section’s graphical interface has been revised to make it more intuitive. The new pickup “Stasis Sphere” will hinder the first-placed players, making the outcome of a race less predictable at any given time. The graphics of the race tracks have been further improved.

Quantum Rush is an action packed, competitive, futuristic online racing game. Exciting race tracks, diverse weapon systems, technology research and extensive racer customization options. Up to 20 players will be competing against each other in every race!

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