Kingdom Wars: EMPIRE

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Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars team released a new Free Game Changing Expansion. Kingdom Wars: EMPIRE

It’s a real game changer – from city building to global empire building. Empire completely reinvents the gameplay – changing Kingdom Wars from a local city building game, into massive empire building simulation.

Link to Official Site

Control up to 30 Towns – players are now able to control and maintain up to 30 towns on the World Map, including their starting homeland, and all the predesigned capital towns

Conquer and Defend – with new PvP options players now fight each other over control of predesigned capital towns on the World Map. The player who wins the siege will control the town, with the loser retreating as they watch their empire shrink

Additional Options – while some players will prefer to conquer and defend their towns against other players, we are keeping the option for Singleplayer conquest, or even CoOp conquest – take over the world together with your friends

Create a Trade Empire – as your Empire grows so will your expenses and logistics. To help with empire maintenance we are including a Trade empire functionality – allowing players to establish automated trade-routes with various pros and cons between various towns in their empire

New Town Management – controlling vast empires made easy with the ability to use new town management interface – assign workers tasks with easy Worker Management, select what units to train with a click of the mouse. Inside your towns you can now – Manage Economy, Manage Trade, Recruit Units, Recruit Mercenaries, Level Units, Heal Units, Trade Goods, Trade Livestock and so much more

New Interface – we are also changing entire user interface from the main menu to every small window. As part of Empire release we have changed main menu and human interface, with Orcish and Elven interface changes to follow next week

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