Oryx Design Lab ‘s Roguelike games

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Here is a collection of 3 rogue like games made by Oryx Design Lab.

You can buy Sprites and Tilesets to use in your games at Oryx Design Lab official site.

Link to Oryx Design Lab Official Site

Link to Brogue Official Site

Link to Infra Arcana Official Site

Link to Classic Rogue Official Site

Oryx Design Lab Rogue Games
24.0 MiB - 367 downloads


Brogue Tiles is based on the original roguelike game by Brian Walker.


Infra Arcana is a Lovecraftian horror roguelike game by Martin Törnqvist


Exploring the Dungeons of Doom

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3 Responses to “Oryx Design Lab ‘s Roguelike games”

  1. By Sternhammer on September 2, 2014

    Loving these games.

    Many thanks for showcasing.

    Great to have you back posting again after your recent absence by the way.

    • You’re welcome, through this games are only (probably) for people who likes the genre…

      Was on Vacation.. 😆

  2. By Sternhammer on September 3, 2014

    Hope you had a fantastic time on your vacation, great to have you back posting.

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