Totem’s Sound

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This is the story of the Norwegian explorer Johan Adrian Jacobsen. From 1881 to 1883 he travelled along the northwestern coasts of the Americas. Commissioned by a support comitee, he purchased and catalogued an immense number of artefacts and objects from local tribes for the German Humboldt Foundation. Totem’s Sound is based on his personal accounts.

Well, almost.

Enjoy a day of Johan’s journey, featuring great outdoor activities such as canoe races, collecting clams, not getting eaten by a giant grizzley and of course fish oil binge drinking. Get in contact with the local tribes, that are struggling to preserve their ways of life and their cultures in a rapidly changing world.

For Windows and Mac.

Link to Official Site

Link to Gold Extra Site

Link to Casual Creations Site

Link to The Humboldt Lad Dahlem

Totems Sound (windows)
50.5 MiB - 169 downloads

Totems Sound (mac)
57.5 MiB - 147 downloads

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