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KnossOS is a free text-based indie psychological horror game. It involves a Unix-like operating system, retro modem sound effects, and blurring of lines between player and character. It is about 20 minutes long.

The Author reccomends to play KnossOS all the way through in one sitting, with sound through speakers, while alone, at dusk, on a desktop computer, in early November, in Britain, at a full moon.

For PC, open source and soon to Mac and Linux.

Link to Official Site

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4 Responses to “KnossOS”

  1. By Sternhammer on November 7, 2014

    Superb game. Reminded me of the great days of IF (Interactive Fiction) Level 9 and Infocom etc. but with a new twist.

    Many thanks for showcasing.

    As always, great site and thanks.

  2. By myslef on November 16, 2014

    Okay guy, I’m lurking since I don’t know when, and I completely ADORE this page. It is everything someone searching for freeware games could wish for. I’m confused there’s not much comments whatsoever, but this thing, your gamejam packs and everything are completely top-notch and nowhere else to be found. Thanks for making a poor guy happy :>

    • Thanks, about the few comments around the site i could say better few but good, but probably there is not much to say, just download and play… 😆

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