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Is this the future of board games?

Board and strategy turn taking gamelovers will appreciate this title. Augmented Reality can turn the typical board game into a new and amazing experience. Get closer to the scene, see it in more detail and experience the different ambient sounds, you are the camera!. No more time wasted locating tokens on the board, no more doubts like “are your in my line of fire or not?”. Just put your print area on the table, press PLAY and the mobile device will do the rest for you.

Link to KickStarter Page (You can download a demo!)

Print the target on a regular piece of paper, point your mobile device at it and watch your squads battle their foes as if they were standing right in front of you. Feel once again the thrill of the battle without the need of carrying heavy manuals and tokens everywhere. Help humanity revive from its ashes and rise in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens threaten to destroy everything we know. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, Distance Studio needs your support to release such an amazing game, that’s why they’ve made a Kickstarter campaign, they can’t do this on their own, they need your help.

Want to know more about the game? Here are some of the features that make “Outsiders” great:
Augmented Reality, a videogame has never felt more real. Control the camera and
decide how you want to observe the battle.
Multiplayer up to four players, ’cause everything is better when you share it with
your friends.
• Different soldiers with unique equipment and skills.
• Permadeath system. Think ahead and choose wisely, otherwise your men could end
up dead, and they might be of great importance in the future.
• Lots of different maps and challenges.
• A post-apocalyptic world with a rich lore to discover.
• Campaign mode with several hand-crafter missions.
• And much more!

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