Rage of the Dark Gods v1.5 (mod)

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Rage of Dark Gods is a mod for Total War Medieval 2 Kingdoms. Battle for the Empire Total War (Former “Call of Warhammer”) Every Chaos god now has a Champion, who want to unite the North and march to the South and conquer it. There are too many Orcs in the Badlands again, and little space for them, a new WAAAAAAGH! lead by the Big Boss begins. Fenix King sends his expedition to the Old World to help the Empire and Kislev, because if the North unites, they won’t have a chance to survive And the Empire and Kislev… they just have to save the world one more time, and stand once again for the South…

IMPORTANT:I don’t know if this is the Call of WarHammer mod, with just a different name. This download is in 4 parts, and the installation is very easy, just extract and copy paste the files, the mod requires the original game Medieval 2 total war Kingdoms.

Link to Call of WarHammer v1.5.1

Link to Official Site (download and instructions)

Rage of Dark Gods v1.5 (part 1)
1.4 GiB - 647 downloads

Rage of Dark Gods v1.5 (part 2)
1.4 GiB - 563 downloads

Rage of Dark Gods v1.5 (part 3)
1.4 GiB - 520 downloads

Rage of Dark Gods v1.5 (part 4)
917.6 MiB - 491 downloads

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