Unending Galaxy

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Unending Galaxy is a top down 2D sandbox, simulation and strategy game based in space. The game allows you to play at any level from being a small time pirate to the ruler of a large empire. You can fight, trade, explore, build factories, and amass a fleet to form your own faction and conquer others’. The universe is dynamic and fully simulated, NPC ships live their own lives, factions are able to conquer territories and conduct diplomacy while their economy influences their military production and capacity. Missions are generated based on what’s actually going on in the galaxy, instead of what is usually the other way around.

Unending Galaxy is available for Windows PC. It’s a 100% single-player, offline game with no DRM or advertisement.

The basic edition is free, fully functional, it’s not time limited or anything like that. You are strongly encouraged to try this version first at least to check if the game is working for you before making a purchase.

The deluxe edition contains way more starting scenarios, playable tech groups, hand crafted maps, and it also includes the mod making toolkit and a mod manager. For a full comparison between the two visit the official site.

Link to Official Site

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