Evergrowth – A trip to adulthood

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Evergrowth – A trip to adulthood is set on a 50s era, but viewed from little green groceries/fruits perspective. The game seems childish at first but is more adult themed at heart. It attempts to address the troubles one faces while trying to discover himself on growing up. A trip to adulthood.

The player enters directly into the fantasy world of Evergrowth city and the action as the game starts when the door to Detective Cornelius’ office bursts open and two sweaty, worried-to-death children enter informing him about their missing friend, Bulby. The Detective has to investigate and ask around questions, complete quests and discover clues that will lead him to the child that has disappeared.

This game is an entry for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2015. Cause Contest time is limted to 1 month, only the basic interactions and essential dialogs have been implemented. Combat hasn’t been implemented yet.

Visit the Game contest page and vote/comment

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