GitGirl: Battle Rainbow

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An action-shooter platformer game using the same mechanics as Megaman X. For the browser, windows, linux and mac.

This game was originally made for the GitHub Game-Off 2013 (Mega Girl). Now it’s a full game (GitGirl: Battle Rainbow) complete with 9 stages and 10 bosses. Finish the game in Iron Maiden mode to obtain the extended ending!

Link to Mega Girl Site (play online)

Link to Mega Girl Source Code

Link to GitGirl: Battle Rainbow (play online)

GitGirl: Battle Rainbow
33.6 MiB - 285 downloads

GitGirl: Battle Rainbow (linux)
35.7 MiB - 194 downloads

GitGirl: Battle Rainbow (mac)
34.7 MiB - 208 downloads

Default Controls

Arrow Keys – Navigate menu, movement.
Z – Jump.
X – Fire, hold to charge.
C – Slide.
S – Change to previous power.
D – Change to next power.
Esc – Pause.

Note: You can rebind the keys in the options menu. It is also possible to play the game with a gamepad.


Slide – Down + Jump.
Super Jump – while performing a slide, press jump while holding the left/right key respectively. You must do this before the sliding ends.
Wall Jump – Press the movement key against a wall to slide down slowly. Then press the Jump button to perform a wall jump.
You can use the bouncing star as a mini platform/boost by jumping on top of it.
Each boss is weak against a specific ability, experiment to find out!

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