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Abandoned is a roguelike turn based strategy game where you fight your way through a dark castle for your freedom. Explore and find the many secrets scattered throughout. Gear up your character to fit your playstyle and defeat countless enemies and bosses which stand in your way. The game features over 150 gear pieces, over 20 zones and 3 completely unique areas in an open world. Abandoned was voted best TBS game of 2013 at The Game Assembly. It is influenced by the old classics like Diablo and Fallout but also great new games like Dark Souls. Created by a group of students at The Game Assembly over an eight week period (half time).

Link to Official Site

The game requires DirectX 10 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) to run.

156.3 MiB - 498 downloads

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  1. By putku on October 3, 2015

    After second map of dungeon level game keep crushing..

    • If it is a game bug, try to see what file is missing and add the file from the previous level or edit some xml files… No idea.

      Here are 2 comments with people that found bugs and seems to have found a workaround… LINK

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