Unknown Horizons Release of Version 2017.1

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A new version of the game is ready for download.

Unknown Horizons is an open source realtime economy simulation game with strategy elements in an isometric 2D engine loosely oriented towards Sunflower’s Anno series.

Unknown Horizons however is not an Anno emulator and you cannot play Anno with it. Unknown Horizons is not able and not supposed to use content from Anno. Therefore, you don’t need Anno to play Unknown Horizons. Unknown Horizons is based upon the FIFE game engine.

The Game is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Source code available.

Unkown Horizons is based on a game series by Sunflowers/Ubisoft. The first game of the series was “Anno 1602: Creation of a New World” or in the USA, Canada and Australia “1602 A.D.”. Anno is with 4.4 million sold copies the most successful game ever created from the German-speaking world. There were two sequels, “Anno 1503” or “1503 A.D.: The New World” in North America and “Anno 1701” or “1701 A.D.”. The third sequel will be released as “Anno 1404” in 2009.

The player starts with a ship somewhere amid an archipelago. The goal of the game is to found some cities on the islands and to earn money. The player is able to trade with indigenous people or competitors or to attack them with his armada or army. He’s able to build among other things production lines and residental buildings. All buildings need money and materials like wood or stone as building material. The inhabitants need basic stuff like food and a church in their neighbourhood. The player have to build companies to produce this stuff. The more stuff the inhabitants have, the higher would be their cultivation. The scale ranges from pioneers to aristocrats (in total five gradations).

Visit the Official Site

Authors also accept donations at the game official site.

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