Don’t Do That!

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You’re a wizard, collecting items to prepare a ritual. Sadly, the cats are out of the bag, trying to prevent you from doing it. Will you be able to complete the ritual?

This game was made during the 48 hours of Global Game Jam 2016. For windows and mac.

For the Linux version visit the GitHub repository, or build it from source with Unity (5.3.0 or 5.3.2 recommended).

Link to GGJ2016 Game Entry

Link to itch.io Game page

Note:These are GGJ16 versions. An user in the comments reported that the game doesn’t work on 32 bit systems.

Don't Do That (windows)
43.6 MiB - 346 downloads

Don't Do That (mac)
48.7 MiB - 449 downloads

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  1. By Wanderer on February 4, 2017

    Heads up, it doesn’t work on 32bit systems. :/

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