18th was Hacked (again)

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So if you visited some hours ago you may have noticed the “friendly” Krypton hacked the site. The person is nicknamed Krypton, i guess he hates Superman :lol:, the site should be fixed now i have no idea if i corrected the problem so in the next hours or days there could be a problem with the site, also some parts of the site are not accessible for the moment. Now i would like to ask “Krypton” a question…

Why the hell you hacked this site? It is a simple site about freeware games.

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5 Responses to “ was Hacked (again)”

  1. By Thanys on May 17, 2017

    Good Job! 😉

    Krypton is just another ******* who trying to be famous… lmao

  2. By DarkScribe on May 25, 2017

    I think you may need extra help from someone who knows how to secure websites and how to check for malware on sites. Without him/her you could still be vulnerable and there may still be issues or weaknesses with your site. I have no idea where you can get someone like that, but you should.

    Sorry your site got hacked.

    • I understand your suggestions, but since this is not a bank, or a military server i guess i will do nothing.

      The site will be hacked again… unfortunatly… 😆

      • By DarkScribe on May 25, 2017

        Please understand that you website doesn’t have to be a bank or a military site for it to be used for bad things. The bad guys can use the resources of a website to attack other websites, or used to send span, become part of a botnet to mine bitcoin etc..

        I completely understand if cost is an issue. But understand that access to a website is very valuable to a bad guy.

        I hope you don’t find my comments condescending.


  3. By Wanderer on May 25, 2017

    If he wants to be a hero he should hack Trump’s twitter or something :q

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