Mount and Blade v0.894 (shareware)

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Version 0.894 is available. LINK

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BOOBS in Videogames

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Target acquired.. eh eh.. click more for more boobs in videogames..



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COMMODORE 64 – 25th Anniversary


25 years have passed, the c=64 was my first computer..

LINK (Click on the link to play some old c64 games)

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New Clients from Acclaim


Acclaim has released three new clients for some of his free mmos:

9Dragons: Link

BOTS: Link

Dance! Online: Link

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GTA 4 (Grand Theft Auto IV) New Trailer

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A new trailer is almost ready to show for this explosive game.

RockStar Game Site

Direct Video Link

[Thanks Bunta]

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Xbox 360 gets DivX/XviD playback

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The Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update arrived overnight, and added a long list of new functionality – although the one thing most people are interested in is the relatively unexpected arrival of DivX/XviD playback.

Sign in to Xbox Live (Silver or Gold account – doesn’t matter), and accept the update. Try and load a DivX or XviD file from a CD, USB drive or the network. Files can be played from just about anything – CDs, DVDs, USB drives, Windows Media Player 11, Windows Home Server and even Mac formatted drives. It supports a vast majority of files.  You can manually switch between Letterbox, Fullscreen, Stretch and Native modes.

DivX Compatibility List

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WarHammer: Mighty Empires Original Rules (Pdf)


For those hobbyists who have been playing Warhammer for a decade or more, they will know that the latest Mighty Empires boxed set and plastic tiles is not the first incarnation of this campaign system.

For those with a twinge of nostalgia for the original Mighty Empires rules, or for those new Warhammer players who are curious what the old system was like, Gamesworkshop presents a downloadable PDF of the entire 64-page original Mighty Empires rulebook. Of course, this file doesn’t supplant the current rules for the new boxed set, but it might give you some clever ideas for tweaking your house rules. Enjoy!


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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google

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fun_55_google_01.gifYou probably use Google everyday, but do you know… the Google Snake Game? Googledromes? Memecodes? Googlesport? The Google Calculator? Googlepark and Google Weddings? Google hacking, fighting and rhyming? In this book, you’ll find Google-related games, cartoons, oddities, tips, stories and everything else that’s fun. Reading it, you won’t be the same searcher as before!

LINK (the Book)

Author Blog

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Promoting Need for Speed:pro street

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Yea the best part of Need for Speed games: the girls.

After watching this promotional images for NFS:pro street i can barely remember the name of the game 😀

I don’t speak polish so i guess it’s a reportage of the making of the commercial.. Link

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SOFTWARE FAILURE (History Disasters)

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1983 – Nuclear War avoided for miracle.
A bug in the Defense Soviet System fake the attack of 5 intercontinental missile against U.S.S.R Stanislav Petrov suspect the error, he think that makes no sense to attack with only 5 warheads, he is right the world is safe.

1990 – At&T Network down
A line of code in a software update cause the loss of 75 milion phone calls.
The economic damage for the little bug is huge. they loose 200.000 customers.

1996 – Ariane 5 Explosion
The software selfdestruct the rocket cause he was trying to write 64bit
in a 16bit variable.. 8 Billions on smoke literally

1998 – Mars Probe
A probe fly too low and crash, beacouse the software
use two different measures system (metric and imperial?)

1999 – Siemens and british passport
A buggy software prevents 500k to go
on vacanct outside the island, millions are paid
as re-fund.

1999-2000 – Millenium Bug
The hyped bug never happened but the catastrophism
pushed the software updates, in the end were spent 500 bilions euro

2004 – EDS and CSA operative system upgrade
Cause the installation of a new operative system,
agency collapse and millions wasted.

2006 – Airbus A380 Software incompatible
One year loss and economic beacouse two of the manufacturers
had different software versions.

2006 – Explosive laptop (literally)
Defective battery caused many laptop to start
burning.. 4 milions models retired.

2007 – Los Angeles Airport Tilt
Traffic control software goes crazy, and 17.000 fly
doesn t start, the guilty is a network card..

I think on this list miss the Windows Vista (2007), millions of dollars to develop and pubblish this new operative system which no one wants and no one uses. It’s not a case that they are already talking about Windows 7 (a 30 mb operative system which seems a copycat of Linux). So yea all this time to develop a technology that Linux has from many years…

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