SBK X Superbike World Championship Demo

The SBK X demo features one track, Portimao, home of the Portugal round of Superbike and Supersport, in all four weather configurations. Two riders for two bike categories ( Superbike and Supersport) will be playable: Max Biaggi, who’s fighting hard for the championship in SBK this year with his Aprilia RSV4, and Cal Crutchlow, 2009 Supersport World Champion, on his Yamaha R6.


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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Trailer

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 transforms the driving genre, adding the persistency, progression and customization of the latest multiplayer games to the auto racing experience. Test Drive Unlimited 2 blends single player and multiplayer experiences seamlessly, creating a dynamic world of evolving content and challenges. Players define their online persona through unparalleled customization of their avatars and vehicles, and the acquisition of property, clothing and other accoutrements of a luxurious international lifestyle. All-new race types, vehicle classes, environmental challenges, locations and much more push this epic franchise to new levels of performance.

There will be no subscription fee needed to play the game online with friends. An internet connection and any additional fees required for multiplayer access by your platform of choice will be required to play online.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is scheduled to release in the Fall of 2010.


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Play and Win a Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi has launched a contest to win a brand new Mitsubishi ASX, all you have to do is playing a nice mini game.
In the game you will free roam in a city, finding mission to increase the score, the game is pretty challenging since you have limited time to accomplish the task, plus you must respect the traffic lights, there is other cars traffic and for every drive error you will loose points.
Good Luck!

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Driving Speed Pro

Driving Speed Pro is a racing game for PC. Race in V8 muscle cars against the computer or friends in networked multiplayer. In career mode you can experience a real racing career. Purchase a collection of cars, race in organized series events to earn money, purchase performance upgrades and repair damage after events.


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Codemasters Racing Pack

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For 16 euro this weekend Steam offer Codemasters Racing games: Grid, Toca 3,Dirt 1, Fuel and Dirt 2.


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Need for Speed World Beta

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Exclusive to PC, Need for Speed World is the first massively-multiplayer racing game in the Need for Speed series. Race with your friends online or compete against them and thousands of other racers in the enormous NFS universe, built specifically for World.


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Exalight (mmo-racing) Partially Free

Exalight is a massively multiplayer online racing game, made by F4. Currently (2010) the site is in french language only.

Exalight is the first racing game online persistent world based on a futuristic fantasy. You play as a race driver in search of fame and fortune!

Your character and your vehicles progress throughout the game, both in appearance and performance, according to your desires and your race results. Through great challenges and many adventures, you battle other players and try to beat them on the circuit to reach fame and fortune!

Exalight is not just a racing game: it is also a persistent universe built around 4 major cities of the clans Jawal, Piro Piro, and zhuu Myriath. So when you log off, your character, your belongings, your vehicle or your position in the city were saved. When you return, you get everything you own in the state where you left off, but the world, it has evolved!

In Worlds of Exalight, you have tremendous freedom of action to meet, discuss, exchange, perform tasks, establish or join a team … you can immerse yourself in an original universe and deep, facing the challenge and competition and be part of a huge community.

Link to ExaLight


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Death Rally

In late 1996 this top-down racing game took all by surprise with it’s addictive nature and excellent gameplay.

In 2009, Remedy is proud to announce the free re-release, Death Rally for Windows. The original game, ported to run on modern PCs.

The basic idea behind Death Rally: win races, gather more money, buy upgrades to your vehicle. In between wreck your opponents, shoot your way through bystanders and keep the pedal to the metal!

Game requirements:
Any PC that can run Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit). Please read the readme in the installation package for more information.
Death Rally is rated for ages 12 and older in Finland.

Visit the Author Site

Death Rally
40.6 MiB - 3,385 downloads

Note: This game is playable under Linux using Wine. And Macintosh with CrossOver

Some other similar flashgame:

Drift Runners

Replay Racer 2

Pro Rally 2009

Pro Rally 2

USS Racing


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A nice Truck Racing game sponsored by Renault and made by Game Seed Studio.

Drive the 1100 hp Renault Premiun DXi13 against 15 opponents endowed with an awesome artificial intelligence. Accessible to all with ultra realistic driving, TRUCK RACING by Renault Trucks asserts itself as the most exciting truck racing game ever made.

Download RENAULT TRUCKS v0.2.6.8


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TORCS v1.3.1

TORCS, The Open Racing Car Simulator is a highly portable multi platform car racing simulation. It is used as ordinary car racing game, as AI racing game and as research platform. It runs on Linux (x86, AMD64 and PPC), FreeBSD, MacOSX and Windows. The source code of TORCS is licensed under the GPL (“Open Source”).

TORCS features more than 50 different cars, more than 20 tracks, and 50 opponents to race against. Your can steer with a joystick or steering wheel, if the device is supported by your platform. It is also possible to drive with the mouse or the keyboard. Graphic features lighting, smoke, skidmarks and glowing brake disks. The simulation features a simple damage model, collisions, tire and wheel properties (springs, dampers, stiffness, …), aerodynamics (ground effect, spoilers, …) and much more. The gameplay allows different types of races from the simple practice session up to the championship. Enjoy racing against your friends in the split screen mode with up to four human players.

TORCS was initially written by Eric Espié and Christophe Guionneau, substantial parts have been added by other contributors. The TORCS source code is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), most of the artwork is licensed under the Free Art License.

Download Torcs 1.3.1 (windows)
Download Torcs 1.3.0 (Linux binary Installer)
Download Torcs 1.2.4 (Macintosh)
Download Torcs Source Code


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