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StandAlone Q3 (saq3)

StandAlone Q3 is a modified version of the GPL release of Quake 3 allowing to run Quake 3 nods without the need of the official Quake 3 CD.
To run saq3 you need to launch the mod from the command line like that:
- for windows:
quake3.exe +set fs_name fname

- for linux
quake3 +set fs_name fname

Where fname is the folder name of the mod you want to run.

Known working mods are:
- World of Pandam( )
- Western Quake 3 ( )

If most of the mods will run, some shaders and/or textures used by mods may be missing, displaying errors in the game window. When the game and maps are loaded missing textures/shaders are logged in the file "missing_shader-textures.log".

It has been reported that using the "pak0.pk3" file provided in Quake 3 Arena Demo( you need to create the folder "baseq3" in the software directory then copy pak0.pk3 in) may solve most of the shader/texture problems found in several mods and will allow bots to work.
In fact, any .pk3 file you have obtained legally can be added in baseq3 folder to complete missing textures or shaders. You must increment pak number every time you add a new one (pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3, pak2.pk3, etc... )

Quake, Quake 3 and Quake 3 Arena are trade marks of Id Software.

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