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Comments and Rating for the file Oblivion - Ren Beauty pack v1.1
Oblivion - Ren Beauty pack v1.1 Rating: 2.43

This mod adds
2 head meshes, 4 head textures, 2 body textures, 1 eye mesh, 11 eye textures
for custom race 'Mystic Elf' which has 4 versions;
normal male / normal female / tattooed male / tattooed female.
and 19 female hairstyles & 9 male hairstyles for all races.
Each hairstyle has 3(4) versions; normal / blindfold(bandage) / mask.
You can change the hair's colour in game, but cannot change the length.
This mod does not replace any of the games heads.

To decompress the archive u need 7Zip

» Author: dtd. 16.02.2007
» Size 19.2 MB; Needed time to download 41,2419 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 4714