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Id Software have released the source code to their classic game, Doom, under the GNU GPL. This means that the engine which powers Doom is Free Software. However, the game engine is only one component of a complete game.

The Doom engine uses an "IWAD" file to store all of its game data. This contains the raw data used by the game - the artwork, sound effects, levels, everything which defines Doom as a game. Until now, one of the original proprietary files was still needed in order to play Doom.

The Freedoom project aims at collaboratively creating a Free IWAD file. Combined with the Free source code, this results in a complete game based on the Doom engine which is Free Software.

Note:to run this I-wad(indipendent wad) u need a port of doom, there many around (for example legacy).
Freedoom is not yet complete(21 february 2007). As a result, some material is currently missing. For example, sounds may not play or graphics will be missing.

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