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Comments and Rating for the file POCKETMVP SIG3

Versione Pocket MVP per Sigmarion III, v0.8.120103 (800x480) (WinCE 4.10, XScale)
Uno dei migliori player per pocketpc free, supporta divx, open divx , mpeg1 e mp3. Ecco una lista dettagliata delle caratteristiche:
Pocket MVP Player Features List

* 10-Band Equalizer with Pre-Amp
* PlayList Support
* PlayList Editor
* Web Streaming
* Brightness Control (ARM devices only)
* File Association Support
* Hardware Button Mapping
* Shuffle Play
* 90 degree Rotate
* 2:1 zoom
* Bi-linear filtering for zoom mode
* Dithering (ARM devices only)
* Fast Forward
* Seek Bar
* Volume Control
* Custom File Open Dialog
* Custom Web View Streaming File Selection Dialog
* Keep Alive for device shutoff suspension
* Play At File Open option
* Definable Caching for performance/power utilization

Supported Audio/Video Formats

* Video: Divx, OpenDivX, Avi, MPEG-1
* Audio: MP3 and Layer I + II Audio w/ MAD MP3 decoder, OGG Vorbis

Sito Ufficiale

» Author: Angelinux dtd. 23.02.2006
» Size 0.95 MB; Needed time to download 2,118 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 1385