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The Freespace 2 Source Code Project

FS2_Open / the SCP / Source Code Project

From the time it became apparent that there would be no FS3 the most repeated complaint the community had was that Volition wouldn't release the source code so that the community could work on it themselves. However, Volition did release the source code and many of those within the community with programming experience got to work on it. The result was FS2_open. The project to make FS2_open has come to be known (originally enough) as the Source Code Project (SCP).

FS2_open is not FS3. Instead it is a enhancement of the original Freespace 2 engine. The idea is that by running FS2_open you can play the Freespace 2 main campaign and all the Freespace 2 mods with better graphics, augmented AI and better mod support. In addition to this improvements have been made to several of the games basics to add new kinds of weapons and missions that couldn't be done before. These effects won't show up in the main campaign but will show up when special "Made for SCP" mods begin to appear.

The differences between FS2 retail and FS2_open are fairly extensive. Some think it is almost like playing a new game.

Available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Original Game Official Site

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