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Comments and Rating for the file WarOnline (strategy browser game)
WarOnline (strategy browser game)

Games are available for instant tactical combat (Battles, 1/2-2 hours to play), one on one strategy (Duels, hours to days to play) and intense multiplayer strategical games (Campaigns, weeks or months to play).

WarOnline.Net is the FIRST web-based game EVER to use an interactive, graphical map.
Using the Flash driven map, you can actually see your armies do battle, set formations, traverse different terrains and wage all out war the way strategy games are supposed to be.
WarOnline.Net features a diverse Medieval, Demon & Barbarian class of characters, as well as class based buildings, tech-tree systems, message systems, multiple games running at different speeds & lengths, forums, scoreboards and champions lists, and much much more.

The basic game is free for anyone , while getting a membership allows more games for the player to play as well as more control when creating/hosting a new game, plus, no ads on the game pages.

While doesn't have 3D first person shooter games (FPS or "twitch" games), it is perfect for those who like to think strategically and act deliberately. It requires no downloads, plays in any browser and is free. The community is friendly and helpful to the new player, often taking a new player under their wings to train them. Clans are groups of like-minded folks who battle other clans just for the glory of it. The forums are a great place to discuss gameplay and other topics too. It's not for everyone, only those who require a mental workout rather than a thumb-wrecking bloodbath! Will you become the next overall champion?

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