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Comments and Rating for the file SPRING
SPRING Rating: 1.67

Author:" Spring is a project to create the best RTS ever (no joke). There are three principle goals which we hope to achieve.
1-Reach a stage where TA Spring can flawlessly execute most of Total Annihilation's original gameplay, with its original units in their original format.
2-Add new features as we see fit, fix bugs, and release new versions when we feel it is appropriate to do so.
3-Support the mod community as we see fit.
4-Improving the already fine original TA Interface in a way that the Players will have more tactical Options, more Control, more Comfort and still don`t get lost, as long as they are willing to learn.
The goals might need an update.. -- Tim Blokdijk "

The core game is released under GPL License. Fortunately as of now, there are also two mods which have been released under the GNU/GPL, and several more which do not have clear licence terms (owned by their modder).
However, there are also several mods for which some parts are still under copyright of Atari. For these you need to own the original TA game if you want to play.

Available for: Windows, Linux and Macintosh

» Author: dtd. 04.03.2007
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