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Comments and Rating for the file Gundam RTS 1.1 (spring)
Gundam RTS 1.1 (spring) Rating: 1

Author: "Giant Japanimation-style robots smashing each other to junk is the gist of Gundam Annihilation. What more could you want?"
This mod is a Total Conversion to place the Gundam Universe into spring game format. The mod does not stray into any of the side universes of Gundam. It stays loyally within the "UC" or Universal Century time line. This was done because there are no enjoyable Gundam RTS or table top games. In the history of modding there has yet to be a complete Gundam mod, which is shocking when one considers the world-wide popularity of the anime.
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Note: u need the freeware game engine Spring. Link

» Author: dtd. 14.03.2007
» Size 19.34 MB; Needed time to download 42,2478 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 1024