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Comments and Rating for the file BattleRacer v1.29 (Battlefield 2 mod)
BattleRacer v1.29 (Battlefield 2 mod) Rating: 1.67

The primary goal of Battleracer is simple - create a mod that essentially turns BF2 into a racing game, while still retaining the flavor of the original. Have you ever driven around the roads outside Mashtuur and wondered what they were for? Maybe you've done some great jumps on the numerous mountain trails of FuShe or Karkand. This mod strives to create an environment that allows for organized racing in all the BF2 maps that you love.
As you load into a Battleracer game, a timer announces when the next race will start. It is your job to get to the start line and wait for the signal to GO. Once you are racing, follow the track and Battleracer will take care of the rest. It tells you your checkpoint times, lap times, and then calculates the final standings of each race. Those with the best lap times throughout will also be rewarded.
A unique feature of Battleracer is the stats system. After each race on a Battleracer Ranked (+R) server, your times are sent to the Battleracer website. It saves your position in the race and also your best lap time, so you can compete with friends.
Battleracer also hopes to expand into other forms of racing-related events. Boats and aircraft may be parts of future releases, as will additional car-based events such as Destruction Derby. Author Site

» Author: dtd. 21.03.2007
» Size 117.3 MB; Needed time to download 256,15104 Min with ISDN
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