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Comments and Rating for the file Hive Mind (early version)
Hive Mind (early version) Rating: 1

A trippy space shooter,. combining 3 distinct modes of play, progressive difficulty levels, and an advanced control system that jumps off from Rotate right, Rotate left, and Thrust. Adding Strafing, Flipping (180 degrees), and a Lock On system with self guiding missiles. This version of Hive Mind is an unfinished one. There linger in the code some unfortunate errors. As well the balancing is unfinished,. i.e. the number of Jellyfish spawned goes up each level, however they should not all spawn at once as the level starts,. issues like these are being fixed. This is an early state version.
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» Author: dtd. 22.03.2007
» Size 4.1 MB; Needed time to download 8,472 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 529