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Comments and Rating for the file DOOM: Lucions Undoing (under development)
DOOM: Lucions Undoing (under development) Rating: 4

from Author: "Have you ever, wanted to play and or relive the action of Doom 2 Multiplayer? but in full 3d, instead of fake inclined 2d surfaces that appear to the human eye as 3d? Well now it's here! or in development I should say. We are bringing back Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture The Flag. With this in mind we will guarantee to bring back the classic enjoyment and restore the former glory of future Deathmatch's. Anyone who loves fast paced action and or loved the Multiplayer in Doom and Doom 2 will surely love this title. "
This game uses the free opensource Sauerbraten Engine.

» Author: dtd. 30.03.2007
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