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Comments and Rating for the file EVERLONG v2.16
EVERLONG v2.16 Rating: 2.7

Everlong is a free amateur Role-Playing-Game set in an immersive fantasy world of dragons, knights, and wizards. The mighty and merciless Cirigoth Empire seeks dominion over the entire globe, and it will not be long before they succeed. Soon the kingdom of Seraphia, the last free land of the west, will fall to the Cirigoth's puppet state Tyr-Anon, leaving only the divided countries of the east unconquered.
Using Enterbrain's RPGMaker2000@ engine, Everlong is designed to create a nostalgic or "old-school" feel similar to the 16-bit and two dimensional RPGs of the SNES era. You must travel through a highly detailed medieval world, interacting with dozens of colorful characters, both friendly and enemy, to advance the story while combating the many monsters that will attempt to hinder your journey. Also be on the lookout for cameos by infamous RPG characters and familiar plot elements.
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» Author: dtd. 31.03.2007
» Size 67.71 MB; Needed time to download 147,8673 Min with ISDN
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