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Comments and Rating for the file Mini Racing Online
Mini Racing Online Rating: 1.01

Miniracingonline is a free game wich you can play on your computer alone, or against other people, and via internet. This little game tries to simulate a real Formula1 Grand prix.

Some improvements in new version are:

* Better control of the time upload wiht the weekly time.
* Now it's impossible to start from boxes backwards in a tyre change.
* Possibility of saving and loading setups.
* Better online to decrease lag.
* Blue flags always come on time.
* Random bug of performance in online partys has been fixed.
* Increased limit of collisions from 50 to 100 to show black flag.
* Increased limit of cones collsions from 7 to 20 to show black flag.
* Laps are invalid if cones are crossed.
* Added in log if player is T100 or not.
* In log fastest lap appears in green and laps with black flag in red.
* Fixes bug in replay screen translation.
* Fixed bug with the penalty OSD in language japanese.
* Arcade mode separated in three options, fuel, tyres and penalties.
* The black flag penalty can be postponed a lap to charge fuel.
* In arcade mode tyre degradation is not available.
* Fixed grid bug.
* The car turns more with high values of aerodynamics (the car turns a little more with high values but keeps the same speed than 92A version).
* Increased performacnce of hard tyres (closer to soft tyres).
* The tyres degradate more driving throug grass and sand and colliding with cones or walls. The pianos degradate just a little more than asphalt.
* Collisions improved.

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