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Mo Siang Online is a great chinese martial arts world MMORPG that based on a Korean million sellers novel. Mo Siang Online already designed up to 75 different maps. All those maps are base on the real china places for example, Dun Hwang, Chang An, Kai Feng, Beijing, Shu Zhou, Shao Lin Temple, Chin Shi huang mausoleum, Hang Zhou, Tai Shan, The Great Wall, Hwang Her and much much more. When you see the Historical site or the famous places in China, you can enjoy to time travel to these places. When you talk to the historical NPC, you will feel the traditional Chinese culture as well. For more realistic chinese traditional vision in the game design, Our development team also gave those historical site a visited. With all of our development team done, you are able to enjoy your stay in this wonderful fantasy martial arts world without any regret.
Closed Beta 27 March 2007
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