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KANEVA GAME PLATFORM (create your own mmo)

The Kaneva Game Platform is the game development solution from Kaneva, Inc., designed for end-to-end MMO game (MMOG) development for FPS and RPG genres. The Kaneva Game Platform (KGP) features many of the latest graphic rendering capabilities, while providing backend and networking features required for supporting hundreds of thousands of simultaneous players.
KGP includes the game client updater/launcher, Kaneva Game Studio editing suite, artificial gaming intelligence, and server components. KGP builds on a proven unified platform so that game studios can focus on adding features to their worlds rather than trying to assemble and integrate disparate parts together. As a benefit, studios may bring games to market faster with richer content at a much lower cost.
Currently, the KGP is free to download and use for non-commercial purposes.
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