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Comments and Rating for the file VBGORE (free mmorpg maker/engine)
VBGORE (free mmorpg maker/engine) Rating: 1.5

vbGORE is an Open Source ORPG (Online Role-Playing Game) engine, made through Visual Basic 6 utilizing the support of DirectX8 and WinSock API libraries. It is designed for the public to have the ability to create their own ORPG without extensive programming knowledge. And though programming is not required, having a basic knowledge will allow for better personalization and use of the engine.
vbGORE is much more powerful then many of your typical VB (Visual Basic) made ORPGs (Online RPG) / OREs (Online RPG Engine). With the power of the DirectX 8, you are open to all the 3D effects you could want in a 2D rpg engine by putting in 3d rpg engine abilities from alphablending and rotations to scaling and lighting. With the 6 tile layers, flexible particle engine and 24 lights per tile, you are able to create a world the way you want it to look. Also, with the optimized binary packet sending and the Sox Winsock API wrapper, you can support tens of thousands of players with less bandwidth then any other VB ORPG engine.

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