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Comments and Rating for the file ENDORPHIN (learning edition)
ENDORPHIN (learning edition) Rating: 1.05

endorphin Learning Edition (eLE) is your free, time-unlimited version of endorphin. Packed with all the features* of endorphin 2.7, LE allows you to learn and evaluate endorphin in your own time.
This is a great tool, actually the animations are not pre-build, eansted the developer will teach the 'actors' how to behave(so far i have understood sorry for any bad information). You can play, test or produce for evaluation purpose, the only negative thing on this stuff is the very high price (which is normal considering this tool is for triple A products).
Download endorphin LE for free now, and experience the power of Dynamic Motion Synthesis.

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» Author: dtd. 19.07.2007
» Size 57.22 MB; Needed time to download 125,7375 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 2754

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